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Release Date: 2005

Length: 3:37

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap


This Is Next Time

— Song Lyrics

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she had it orchestrated starin at me and i could tell she couldn’t wait till she could part from them jeans my mind drifted start to picture the scene i’m sorry shorty i get at ya but you’re poison to me uh i thought about it with your b-tter pecan tones your diamonds and rhinestones your powder blue pants on you lookin good mommy gettin your dance on but the more i think about it i keep hearin the same song (chorus) poison to me you’re like poison to me to taste would be suicide cause you’re poison to me see you lookin at me with your brown eyes short skirt long brown hair it’s quite the disguise for the temptress in a dress leave a mess breakin necks when you walk by the flesh in me wants to see you lose them jeans but to my soul you’re lit dynamite (chorus) poison to me you’re like poison to me to taste would be suicide cause you’re poison to me you make most men weak you’re makin me weak my fathers the anecdote don’t try poisonin me dip roll strip show you think you have an idea but you don’t know talk dance romance babies can be made off of one simple glance your body is the venom your words are the bite i ain’t afraid of snakes but back me in and i’ll fight keep your sweet as honey words with the bees in your chest don’t want your super toxic queen bee sting so give it a rest child (chorus) girl is like ivy to a leaf you’re the cure to my curiosity you’re more like a pit-bull off a leash messin with you girl it gives me fever hotness i can’t stop it’s toxic the poison it’s got me addicted to your brown sugar babe i gets high off your love don’t know how to behave (chorus)

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