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Alan Ritchson is Jack Reacher
March 26, 2023  

I have been all-in on Alan Ritchson since he was serenading Paula Abdul on American Idol in the early 00’s and joining forces with Tom Welling’s Clark Kent (Superman) on Smallville back in 2005. Since then he has become one of the hardest working actors in Hollywood which includes multiple gigs in the DC universe […]

Alan Ritchson: “It’s the one percent that protects the 99 percent”
March 26, 2023  

In the latest installment of our Square Mile Conversations series, legendary author Lee Child interviews the star of Prime’s new Reacher series about playing its much-loved hero TWENTY FIVE YEARS; 26 books; 49 languages and more than 100 million copies worldwide, Jack Reacher has become a global phenomenon by any measure. And that’s before you […]

Titans Star Alan Ritchson on Moving From American Idol to Superhero, Including His Role in Reacher
March 27, 2023  

The Titans star Alan Ritchson, 39, segues from TV’s superhero series to the action crime drama Reacher (Feb. 4 on Amazon Prime Video). Ritchson plays the hard-hitting former military police investigator of the title who is arrested for a murder he didn’t commit and takes on a small town to prove they have the wrong […]

How Alan Ritchson Became an Absolute Unit for ‘Reacher’
March 27, 2023  

Alan Ritchson has a giant role to fill with Jack Reacher in the highly anticipated new Amazon Prime series—and he’s ready for it. Jack Reacher, as described in Lee Child’s popular book series, is a former U.S. Army major who roams the country bringing bad guys to justice by any means necessary. In Never Go […]

Alan Ritchson Talks Reacher, The Long Audition Process And Meeting Lee Child
March 27, 2023  

Having stormed through 26 bestselling novels so far, Lee Child’s taciturn ex-military behemoth Jack Reacher has become the stuff of literary legend. He infamously lost a few inches when last translated to the screen, but that wrong is about to be righted in Reacher, Amazon Prime Video’s new eight-episode series adapting Child’s first Reacher book, […]

No More Mr. Nice Guy
March 27, 2023  

Alan Ritchson of “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” chats with Ronald Liem from his beachside Florida home about the intensive dagger-throwing training, the upcoming “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” film and his soft spot for Disney movies. With a crisp, booming laugh, laid-back vibe and larger-than-life presence, the charismatic Ritchson is a stark contrast to his […]

Alan Ritchson on alternate Fast X twist and his shared Aquaman history with Jason Momoa
May 22, 2023  

Warning: This story contains spoilers from Fast X. The actor played Arthur Curry, a.k.a. DC Comics superhero Aquaman, on Smallville from 2005-2010, years before Fast X co-star Momoa took on the role. After more than 20 years, the Fast & Furious saga has basically become a superhero franchise, so it’s only appropriate that two on-screen […]

L’Officiel Fashion Book Australia
June 20, 2023  

Congratulations on the Fast X and so many of other projects! Can you tell us about your character? Aimes is the new head of “The Agency,” the Fast universe’s version of international law enforcement. He uses his disarming Midwest charm to his advantage but don’t mistake his unflappable smile for weakness; he’s a highly trained […]